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Condation Laboratory Glass Reactor With Automatic Grade

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Condation Laboratory Glass Reactor With Automatic Grade


Model Number : PGR-5

Certification : CE ISO

Place of Origin : CHINA

MOQ : 1

Price : USD

Payment Terms : T/T

Supply Ability : 20 UNIT PER MONTH

Delivery Time : 10 WORKING DAYS

Packaging Details : POLYWOOD CASE

Mixing System : Magnetic Stirring Or Mechanical Stirring

Stock : In Stock

Reactor Capacity : 20L

Accessories : Condenser, Reflux, Dropping Funnel, Etc.

Feature : Customizable

Port : Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao

Heating Method : Electric Heating Mantle Or Oil Bath

Condation : New

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Product Description:

The Chemical Glass Reactor is a state-of-the-art laboratory apparatus designed to meet the diverse needs of chemists, researchers, and scientists in various fields such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and materials science. This reactor is expertly crafted to handle a multitude of reactions, combining robust construction with precision engineering to ensure reliability and performance. With a generous reactor capacity of 20L, it is well-suited for both small-scale laboratory experiments and larger research projects.

Our Chemical Glass Reactor is currently in stock and ready to serve as a cornerstone piece of equipment in your laboratory. The reactor is constructed from high-quality borosilicate glass, renowned for its excellent thermal and chemical resistance, ensuring durability and resilience against aggressive or corrosive reagents. The clear and transparent nature of borosilicate glass also allows for easy monitoring of the reaction process, providing visual access to the contents without compromising the integrity of the reaction environment.

One of the key features of this Borosilicate Glass Reactor is its versatile mixing system. Users have the option to choose between magnetic stirring and mechanical stirring, depending on the requirements of their specific application. Magnetic stirring is ideal for reactions that require gentle and homogeneous agitation, reducing the risk of contamination and simplifying cleaning procedures. On the other hand, mechanical stirring is suitable for more rigorous mixing needs, where higher torque and the ability to handle viscous substances are essential. This flexibility ensures that our reactor can adapt to the evolving demands of laboratory processes.

The accessories included with this Chemical Glass Reactor are designed to enhance its functionality and expand its utility. The condenser is an essential component for distillation processes, efficiently cooling vapors and promoting the condensation of reaction products. The reflux setup allows for reactions to be carried out under reflux, a technique commonly used to heat mixtures for extended periods while preventing the loss of solvent or reagents. Additionally, the dropping funnel facilitates the addition of reactants in a controlled manner, which is critical for reactions that are sensitive to the rate of reactant addition or require sequential introduction of substances.

Transportation and accessibility are also considered in the design of this Chemical Glass Reactor. The reactor can be shipped from major ports such as Shanghai, Tianjin, and Qingdao, ensuring timely and efficient delivery to your facility. These ports are well-connected and have a reputation for handling scientific equipment with the utmost care, guaranteeing that your reactor arrives in pristine condition and ready for immediate use.

In summary, our Chemical Glass Reactor is a versatile and reliable addition to any laboratory, offering a substantial 20L capacity and a selection of mixing systems to accommodate a wide range of chemical reactions. Constructed from durable borosilicate glass and complemented by a suite of practical accessories, this reactor is poised to deliver exceptional performance and ease of use. With units in stock and ready to be dispatched from prominent ports, investing in this laboratory apparatus ensures that you are well-equipped to advance your research and experimentation to new heights.


  • Product Name: Lab Glass Reactor
  • Material: High-Quality Borosilicate Glass Reactor
  • Stirring Speed: 0-600rpm
  • Port: Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao
  • After Warranty Service: Video Technical Support, Online Support
  • Reactor Capacity: 20L
  • Volume Range: 1L-200L
  • Type: Batch Reactor System
  • Application: Laboratory Glass Reactor

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Working Temperature -100°C to 250°C
Volume 1L-200L
Condition New
Heating Method Electric Heating Mantle Or Oil Bath
Power 40W
Port Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao
Automatic Grade Automatic
After Warranty Service Video Technical Support, Online Support
Feature Customizable
Reactor Capacity 20L


The Lab Glass Reactor, boasting an impressive stirring speed of 0-600rpm and a generous reactor capacity of 20L, is an advanced Batch Reactor System designed for a wide range of applications. This system, which is in a new condition, integrates an automatic grade feature that ensures consistent performance without the need for manual intervention. The mixing system within the reactor can be either magnetic stirring or mechanical stirring, depending on the specific requirements of the process, making it versatile for various chemical reactions and processes.

One of the main application occasions for the Lab Glass Reactor is in pharmaceutical research and development. Here, the reactor's precise control over reaction conditions makes it ideal for synthesizing new compounds and studying reaction kinetics. The High Pressure Glass Reactor configuration is particularly useful in scenarios where reactions need to be performed under elevated pressures, enhancing reaction rates and yields. This capability is vital for optimizing the synthesis of pharmaceuticals where time and efficiency are of the essence.

In the field of petrochemical engineering, the Lab Glass Reactor's high-pressure capability and robust mixing system make it suitable for pilot-scale experiments and process optimization. The ability to perform reactions under controlled high-pressure conditions is crucial when dealing with volatile compounds or when looking to simulate the high-pressure environment of industrial-scale reactors.

Academic institutions and research laboratories utilize the Lab Glass Reactor for educational purposes as well. It serves as an excellent tool for demonstrating the principles of chemical engineering and reaction kinetics. The automatic nature of the reactor allows students to focus on the theoretical aspects of the reactions without being bogged down by the complexities of manual operation.

Furthermore, the chemical industry benefits from the Lab Glass Reactor in developing new materials, such as polymers and composites, under controlled conditions. The reactor's capacity to maintain high pressure and its efficient mixing system ensure that the materials produced are of high quality and have consistent properties. This is particularly important in scenarios where material properties can significantly impact the final product's performance.

In conclusion, the Lab Glass Reactor's versatility, coupled with its high-pressure capacity and efficient mixing systems, makes it an indispensable tool across various industries. Whether it's for pharmaceutical development, petrochemical engineering, academic research, or material science, this automatic Batch Reactor System is well-equipped to handle the demands of modern scientific and industrial applications.


The Laboratory Glass Reactor is expertly crafted to offer a premier batch reactor system for your laboratory needs. With the ability to customize the stirring speed from 0-600rpm, it ensures precise control over your chemical reactions.

Our customization services extend to a variety of accessories to enhance your research process, including a high-efficiency condenser, reflux setup, and a convenient dropping funnel, among others, tailored to your specifications.

The reactor capacity is a generous 20L, making it suitable for a wide range of applications within your laboratory. The Laboratory Glass Reactor is designed as an automatic grade unit, providing ease of use and consistent performance.

Choose between a cutting-edge magnetic stirring system or a robust mechanical stirring mechanism to suit the unique demands of your experiments. The flexibility of our Laboratory Glass Reactor ensures that it stands out as a versatile and reliable batch reactor system.

Support and Services:

Our Lab Glass Reactor is designed to provide you with reliable performance and durability for your laboratory experiments. To ensure the optimal use of your reactor, we offer comprehensive technical support and services. Our support includes troubleshooting assistance, guidance on proper usage and maintenance, and tips for maximizing the efficiency and lifespan of your reactor.

If you encounter any technical issues or have questions regarding the operation of your Lab Glass Reactor, our team of experienced technicians is ready to assist you. We are dedicated to providing prompt and accurate solutions to keep your research and experiments running smoothly.

Additionally, we offer a range of services to support your Lab Glass Reactor, including regular maintenance checks, calibration services, and replacement of consumables. Our goal is to ensure that your reactor continues to operate at peak performance, minimizing downtime and enhancing your laboratory productivity.

For further assistance, please refer to the user manual that came with your Lab Glass Reactor, which contains detailed instructions and maintenance recommendations. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to provide exceptional support for all our products.

Packing and Shipping:

The Lab Glass Reactor will be securely packaged to ensure its integrity and safety during transit. The reactor is first wrapped in a protective foam or bubble wrap to cushion it against impacts. It is then placed in a sturdy, custom-fitted cardboard box that is designed to accommodate the reactor's size and shape. Additional packing materials such as packing peanuts or foam inserts will be added to fill any voids and prevent movement within the box.

Each corner of the product will be reinforced to provide extra protection against drops or compression. The box is sealed with heavy-duty packing tape and labeled with "Fragile" and "Handle with Care" to alert carriers of the delicate contents. The package will include a detailed packing list and instructions for the safe handling and unpacking of the reactor.

For shipping, the packaged Lab Glass Reactor will be dispatched with a reliable courier service that specializes in the transportation of delicate scientific equipment. A tracking number will be provided to monitor the package's journey to its destination. Insurance coverage is standard to safeguard against the unlikely event of damage during shipping.


Q1: What is a Lab Glass Reactor used for?

A1: A Lab Glass Reactor is commonly used for chemical synthesis, reaction optimization, and process development in the laboratory setting. It allows researchers to conduct reactions under controlled temperatures and pressures, often with the ability to mix reactants and control reaction times.

Q2: Can the Lab Glass Reactor handle high temperatures?

A2: Yes, most Lab Glass Reactors are designed to withstand a range of temperatures, typically up to a certain limit specified by the manufacturer. It's important to check the reactor's specifications to ensure it can handle the temperatures required for your processes.

Q3: Is the reactor compatible with all solvents and chemicals?

A3: While Lab Glass Reactors are generally resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, some solvents and reactive chemicals may not be compatible with the glass or other materials used in the reactor's construction. Always consult the chemical compatibility chart provided by the manufacturer before use.

Q4: How do I clean the Lab Glass Reactor after use?

A4: Cleaning a Lab Glass Reactor generally involves disassembling it and cleaning all parts with appropriate solvents. It's important to rinse all components thoroughly with distilled water afterward and to handle the glassware with care to prevent breakage. Specific cleaning instructions may vary, so refer to the manufacturer's guidelines.

Q5: Can the Lab Glass Reactor be used for pressure reactions?

A5: Many Lab Glass Reactors are equipped to handle reactions under pressure; however, the maximum allowable pressure will vary depending on the reactor design and construction. It's crucial to never exceed the recommended pressure ratings to ensure safe operation.

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